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Product Description
PA9 Wireless
A ruggedized, full-featured instrument measuring to worldwide PQ standards Trends voltage, current, imbalance, power, energy, events, flicker (PST/PLT), THD, TDD, individual harmonics, and frequency Real-time, graphical display of harmonic content, power and source direction Wireless modem allows for remote analysis of data, remote data retrieval capabilities and remote unit configuration Intelligent download—preview and retrieve only the information of interest Remote communications and alarming capabilities Includes enhanced MEGPA9IEC software
Designed to comply with all applicable IEC, IEEE, EN Standards Complies with CE marking On-site analysis & data retrieval without a computer Intelligent Download Select only the data required Trends Harmonics, THD & TDD Provides real-time graphical display of individual harmonic power Includes AVO Metrosoft software Remote communications & alarm capabilities
MDP Series
Choice of three models that record currents up to 1000 amps, with an additional 200 amp over-range Waveform capture and harmonic analysis up to the 32nd order Power factor/power and relative voltage RMS magnitude Patent pending metal spring device secures the unit tightly in place on overhead lines Accurate data capture via advanced MDP software Lightweight, durable unit housed in a weatherable urethane case Sturdy battery compartment with easy plug-in access for quick data retrieval
Current Transformers
Used with the PA-9Plus and other data recorders Available in a flexible or clamp-on option A number of lengths and sizes for all power measurement needs Special rain tight CT allows for functionality in outside environments Easy to use and install