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Product Description
The Megger TPT210 voltage tester provides electricians and electrical engineers with voltage indication but has additional functions that make the instrument truly versatile. With safety in mind, the TPT210 is CATIV 1000 V rated with an IP65 rated strong body that provides easy and comfortable grip. GS38 shrouds are provided as standard. The unit has a feature that will warn the operator of dangerous voltages even when the batteries become exhausted.
This product is no longer available.
5 stepped nominal output voltages Automatic operation High output power suitable for test lamps Extended battery life Magnetic base Rugged case Good practice requires that two pole voltage detectors are proved to be functioning correctly on a known voltage source, both before and after they have used to verify that a circuit is not live. The Megger MPU690 proving unit provides a portable battery operated voltage source that can verify the correct functioning of a two pole voltage detectors.
ETL30 and ETL50
Suitable for direct R2 measurement Easy re-wind of cable with tangle-free cable guide Tough, compact and light design A choice of 30 or 50 metres Compact extension test lead for direct R2 measurements so eliminating the need for crossover connections and R1 + R2 measurements. The furthest point in the circuit can be easily verified, and every earth point on the circuit checked for integrity prior to energising.
Socket interface adaptor
Allows sockets to be tested without disassembly Prevents damage to connections Reduces test time Decoration remains intact Colour coded for simplicity of use Makes testing easy where access to socket is limited Remains safe if left inadvertently connected to live supply This product is available from the Megger web store click here to go there.
These DVDs include: Making a start The testers The visual inspection Conducting the tests Completing the test certificate PATDVD PAT testing to the 4th Edition of the Code of Practice Click here to view an extract. DVD200 17th Edition Initial inspection and testing of industrial properties DVD100 Initial test and inspection of a domestic property
Voltage Detectors and Phasing Testers
For use on any grounded electrical system, DETEX Voltage Detectors are available in seven models that cover a range from distribution class to transmission line voltages up to 550 kV. Biddle offers six electronic beeper models and one model with LED indication for greater visibility when testing indoors. The beeper-style electronic detectors provide audible and visual indication of the presence of phase-to-ground ac voltages, in accordance with ANSI C84.1-1982 standards.
Megger DLRO10X
The MEGGER DUCTER DLRO10 and DUCTER DLRO10X bring new standards to low resistance measurement. Both are fully automatic instruments, selecting the most suitable test current, up to 10 A dc to measure resistance from 0.1 µΩ to 2000 Ω on one of seven ranges. For users who desire more control over the measurement process, DLRO 10X uses a menu system controlled by a two-axis paddle to allow manual selection of the test current. DLRO10X also adds real-time download of results and on-board storage for later download to a PC. Both instruments are built into a strong, lightweight case that is equally at home in the field or in the laboratory. Light enough to be worn around the neck, they are small enough to be taken into areas which were previously too small to access. DLRO 10 uses a large, bright 4-1/2-digit LED display while DLRO 10X has a large, backlit LCD display.