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GW Instek -Digital Oscilloscope
Product Sampl Rate Channel Function Display Description
GDS-3000 Series
5GSa/s RT or 100GSa/s ET 500/350/250/150MHz with 2/4 Split Screen Large 8-inch 800x600 A Hi-tech DSO Platform The GDS-3000 Series is a new platform of 4-input channels, 500MHz bandwidth, 5GSa/s sampling rate, and VPO waveform display.
GDS-1000A-U Series
1GSa/s Real-Time 2Mega Go/NoGo 5.7" TFT LCD The GDS-1000A-U series provide a unique solution. The GDS-1000A-U lineup includes GDS-1152A-U, GDS-1102A-U and GDS-1072A-U three models. Operating at 150,