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Oscilloscpe,Analyzers,meters -L4610A PRM-34B Handheld Radio Test Set for Tactica
Product Description
L4610A PRM-34B Handheld Radio Test Set for Tactical Radios
Agilent designed the PRM-34B as a replacement to the AN/PRM-34. In addition to meeting or exceeding all of the AN/PRM-34 specifications, the size and weight was reduced making it extremely portable allowing the Radio Test Set to fit in the cargo pocket of the maintainers uniform. These improvements were made while maintaining a rugged, weather-resistant design, which enables reliable field operation. This new design also features an easy one-button press operation of all required Rx and Tx measurements while preserving the compatibility with existing AN/PRM-34 accessories. All existing AN/PRM-34 connectors, cables, and loads are compatible with the PRM-34B. The Radio Test Set is powered by a BA-5372/U battery which is currently in the military inventory and used with SINCGARS radios. These features set a new standard to make the PRM-34B an essential tool for all SINCGARS radio operators and maintainers.