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Product Frequency Range Basic Accuracy Measurement Range(Accuracy < 10%) DC Bias Description
E4980AL Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 300 kHz/500 kHz/1 MHz (Distributors except Japan)
20 Hz to 300 k/500 k/1 MHz 0.05% 4 mΩ to 174 MΩ 1.5V, 2V The E4980AL precision LCR meter is an industry standard LCR meter that provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements. The frequency upgrades provide a solid investment option and asset utilization.
E4980A Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz to 2 MHz
20 Hz to 2 MHz 0.05% 4 mΩ to 174 MΩ Standard 1.5V, 2V Option 001 +/- 40V The E4980A precision LCR meter provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements. Offering fast measurement speed and outstanding performance at both low and high impedance ranges, the E4980A is the ultimate tool for general R&D and manufacturing test of components and materials. LAN, USB and GPIB PC connectivity enhances your design and test productivity.
4263B LCR Meter, 100 Hz to 100 kHz
100 Hz to 100 kHz 0.10% 0.8 mΩ to 100 MΩ Standard 1.5V, 2V The 4263B LCR meter is Agilent Technologies’ most cost-effective low-end LCR meter, designed for both component evaluation on the production line and fundamental impedance testing for bentch top application.
4285A Precision LCR Meter, 75 kHz to 30 MHz
75 kHz to 30 MHz 0.10% 2 mΩ to 80 MΩ Option 001 +/- 40V The 4285A precision LCR meter provides a precise, reliable, high-speed solution for component and material measurement. For demanding RF component tests, the 4285A offers a higher test-frequency range, from 75 kHz to 30 MHz. Whether in research and development, production, quality assurance, or incoming inspection, the 4285A will meet all of your LCR meter test and measurement requirements.
E4982A LCR Meter, 1 MHz to 3 GHz
1 MHz to 3 GHz 0.80% 140 mΩ to 4.8 kΩ n/a The E4982A LCR Meter provides the best performance for the passive component manufacturing such as SMD inductors and EMI filters, where impedance testing at high frequencies (1 MHz to 3 GHz) is required. Not only for the manufacturing, the E4982A can also be utilized for R&D, quality assurance with the powerful functions such as list measurements.
E4981A Capacitance Meter
120 Hz, 1 kHz, 1 MHz 0.07% 0.003 pF to 2 mF n/a The E4981A capacitance meter offers a high-speed with reliable measurements for ceramic capacitor testing in the production lines. The E4981A realizes the measurement capabilities of capacitance from small to large values with accurate measurements. The E4981A capacitance meter contributes improvements of the test throughput, while attaining excellent component quality for ceramic capacitor testing. Handheld capacitance meter products: U1701B Handheld Capacitance Meter
4339B High-Resistance Meter, DC [Discontinued]
DC 0.60% 10E3 Ω to 1.6x10E16 Ω DC Source 0.1V to 1000V The 4339B high-resistance meter is Agilent Technologies' most advanced tool for making precision high-resistance measurements. The test sequence program function provides an automatic measurement process (charge-measure-discharge). A variety of test fixtures for component and material measurements are available.