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E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set
Mfg 2G cellular 3G cellular 4G cellular WiMAX WLAN GNSS Bluetooth®" In wireless device manufacturing, meeting ever-tougher goals and tighter schedules is easier when you have access to the best resources. Look to Agilent and our new EXM wireless test set. It’s scalable to meet your production needs and in sync with the latest cellular and WLAN chipsets. Better yet, the EXM delivers the speed, accuracy and port density you need to ramp up rapidly and optimize full-volume manufacturing.
E6607C EXT Multiport Wireless Communications Test Set
Mfg 2G cellular 3G cellular 4G cellular WiMAX GNSS Bluetooth® Improve your ROI while getting your next generation cellular devices to market faster The Agilent Technologies E6607C (EXT-C) wireless communications test set has the capability you need to achieve high throughput test of your complex cellular devices with an effective investment of capital. In today’s competitive environment you cannot afford to pay for idle test equipment resources. With its integrated multiport capability the EXT-C makes optimum use of the integrated VSA/VSG with parallel receiver and fast switched transmitter testing.
E5515E 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set
R&D 2G cellular 3G cellular 3.5G cellular Unleash the new power of the 8960! The new Agilent E5515E hardware platform for the 8960 wireless communications test set is specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of wireless device hardware, software and application development. Leveraged from the world-class E5515C hardware platform, the E5515E has new and improved high data rate hardware, multiple signaling and RF paths and increased headroom to support today’s cutting edge 3.5G technologies, such as 42 Mbps DC-HSDPA, DB-DC-HSDPA and HSDPA-MIMO. In addition, when coupled with the Agilent E6621A PXT wireless communications test set, it provides powerful 2G/3G/3.5G-LTE handover test capability, seamlessly supporting the 4G evolution. Unlike the E5515C, the E5515E has no hardware options – everything is included, making it easy to order and easy to use.
N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set
Mfg R&D Bluetooth® WLAN ZigBee Gain the flexibility to measure the latest emerging wireless standards and increase test efficiency with N4010A wireless connectivity test set. The N4010A is a versatile multi-format wireless connectivity test solution that you can configure for your particular Bluetooth, ZigBee™, Wireless LAN (WLAN) 802.11a,b,g and 802.11n MIMO applications in R&D, integration and verification, or manufacturing.