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GW Instek -Analog Function Generators
Product Output Waveforms Frequency Range Frequency Resolution Description
Sine, Square, Triangle 10mHz~15MHz in 8 frequency 15MHz~150kHz(100Hz) The GFG-3015 is a versatile and high precision programmable function generator, providing stable and accurate signals at 15MHz frequency range.
Sine , Square , Triangle 5MHz V The GFG-8200A product family offers a complete solution in generating signals at the 3MHz/5MHz ranges. All models are embedded with standard functions
SINE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE 0.2Hz to 2MHz 7 ranges > 3Vpp The GFG-8020H Function Generator delivers one of the most economic and feature-rich solutions available in the 2MHz frequency range.
SINE, TRIANGLE 0.2Hz to 2MHz 7 ranges - SINE, TRIANGLE, RAMP, SQUARE, and TTL pulse output