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GW Instek - Safety Testers
Product Output-Voltage Range Output-Voltage Resolution Output-Voltage Accuracy Description
0.100kV~ 5.000kV ac 2V/step ± (1% of setting +5V) [no load] GWInstek is launching a new safety tester family, the GPT-9900 series, with 500VA maximum output capacity to the market. The family of four, including GPT-9904, GPT-9903, GPT-9902A
0.100kV~ 5.000kV ac 2V/step ± (1% of setting +5V) [no load] GW Instek is launching to the market a new series of safety tester with high durability and multiple user-protection design
50uA/500uA/5mA/25mA 0.01uA/0.1uA/1uA/10uA ±1.0% fs/±(0.2% rdg+3dgt) The GLC-9000, leakage current tester, is used to perform leakage current (or called touch current) tests on medical electrical (IEC 60601-1)